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And again: new features!

2016-04-15 22:39

We implemented the following features for you:

  • Show the duration the route takes you from one point to another
  • If you set th emap center, then your markers will still be shown
  • Save you trip is improved for mobile devices
  • Save a map layout in th etrip settings
  • and so on... ;-)

New Updates

2016-04-03 17:26

You can choose in the trip settings, to use no time planning (neither obernight stays nor dates). And we fixed several BUGs. Thanks to all, who reported them!

Statistics for you trips

2016-03-25 12:41

In trip edit mode you now see the statistics button. We implemented the first statistics for you. If anything is missing, please contact us.

New Updates

2016-03-01 19:40

After the version for mobile devices is online, we improved them and added new features. Ths most important are:


  • The whole website is optimized for mobile devices

Trip Edit

  • Show tipps of selected categories
  • Optimized saving on mobile devices
  • Switch between desktop and mobile version ob the website
  • Optimized route directions and calculation
  • Export function includes the description of your markers
  • Optimized export function

New Release

2016-02-12 23:57

These are the new features:

  • Mobile version for mobile devices and tablets
  • Optimized loginfor mobile devices
  • Facebook share/like dialog moved to navigation bar

Map Layout For Trips

2015-11-20 18:53

Use one of three layouts for the map tiles of your trip. Soon you are able to save them as map setting.


2015-11-12 00:05

No one likes ads. And to be honest, they aren't worth it. So we removed all ads for now!

New Features

2015-09-16 18:27

Show tips of other users in Trip Edit and use them in your map. Just click on them and insert them into your trip.

Language on WOrkdmap

2015-09-09 23:18

The worldmap on the start page is now language sensitive. You can choose, to show only trips in your language or all trips.


2015-09-05 11:57

You want offline navigation?
And all of your markers should be with you?
Then create a trip and export it into a KML file. You can import it e.g. into (

And here we go!

Search now uses languages

2015-09-05 09:48

Hitherto the search results showed all trips in all languages. If you search fr trips, you can now choose which language you'd like to search. And you can set the language of your trip in the trip settings!

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